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Managed Portfolios

Although our investment philosophy is rooted in academia, our practice has been road-tested in the school of hard knocks.

After having weathered a variety of market storms such as 2018, 2015, 2011 and 2008 we've learned to place a strong emphasis on employing favorable risk dynamics in all of our portfolio strategy discussions.

We believe in combining active portfolio management alongside diligent fundamental research.


We Design the Ideal Portfolio Based on Your Plan Objectives

After completing your risk analysis, we take the time to explain how your new portfolio would have performed during the last bear market as well as the last bull market.

More importantly, we'll show you how your new portfolio aligns with your retirement planning goals.

Take Our Risk Questionnaire and Discover Your Risk Number


Get your portfolio the attention it deserves.  Allow us the opportunity to help improve your investment strategy.

As planners, we believe that getting your strategy in place ahead of the next crisis is more prudent than waiting until after it has already happened. 

We believe in long term investing, however we also recognize the potential for high volatility in the short-term. 

That is why we provide options that have the potential to mitigate many of the risks in your portfolio. *

Bryan Foronjy, CFP®


Founder and Principal Wealth Manager


[email protected]

Bryan founded Foronjy Financial with the premise that clients truly appreciate a personal relationship with a seasoned practitioner who is likely to stick with them for the long term.


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Casey Marks

Director of Business Development


[email protected]

Casey spent over a decade with Fidelity Investments in the Private Client Group before joining Foronjy Financial in May of 2018 as Director of Business Development.

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* No strategy assures success or protects against loss. Investing involves risk including loss of principal.