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Jennifer Foronjy

Jennifer Foronjy

Director of Client Relations

As the Director of Client Relations at Foronjy Financial, Jennifer focuses her time and energy on creating an authentic, world class experience for all clients.  She is in charge of client appreciation functions, special events, and for scheduling periodic client reviews.

Jennifer graduated from USD the University of San Diego as an International Relations major.  She was on track to jobs mostly domiciled in Washington, DC such as the State Department or the FBI.  After moving to Santa Barbara, however, she discovered that her skill set also lent well to Environmental Consulting so she began working for a firm that employed her unique set of math and people skills.

When her first child was born, Jennifer elected to focus her talents on raising children exclusively for a period of time.  In 2015 Jennifer was hired on by Foronjy Financial where she accepted the critical role of Director of Client Relations, where she currently serves today.

As a busy mom of three wonderful children, she enjoys her time chatting with clients and helping them with their financial needs.